Safety Inspections Review

Safety Inspections Review


With inefficiencies creeping up with time in their highway safety inspection regime, Ealing required a re-evaluation of their regime to improve its current processes and align them to governing Codes of Practice.


  • Work closely with Ealing’s officers to understand their current safety inspection processes, inspector duties and working patterns.
  • Conduct a time and motion study with selected inspectors by shadowing them on a ‘typical’ days’ work to better analyse their role.
  • Evaluate information downloaded from their asset management systems with respect to inspection areas and frequency schedules, investigatory levels adopted, works orders raised, and contractor response times allocated.
  • Undertake a gap-analysis of Ealing’s current inspection frequencies with historic carriageway and footway hierarchies, in view of best practices.


Through this project, Ealing Council has:

  • Identified inefficiencies in their current regime, workload imbalances, and outlined anomalities in their inspection frequencies.
  • Quantified the resourcing implications for any changes done to the current highway safety inspection regime.
  • Developed an inspection guide for the inspectors, outlining their responsibilities and processes to be followed.

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Luke Meechan
T: 020 8948 0249
Shahid Iqbal
Assistant Director Highways Services
  • Client Ealing Council
  • Date 5th March 2017
  • Tags Compliance, Contractor Engagement, Decision Support Tools, Highway Management, Resilience, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Advice

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