Highway Management

Through our ‘fence to fence’ approach, we see the big picture.

So from pavements to drainage and streetlighting to structures, we’ve got your roads covered.

Strategic advice.

Future proofing your decisions through listening to your challenges and developing tailored solutions.
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Strategic asset management.

Making the most of what you’ve got through policy, strategy and plan development.
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Bid & funding support.

Helping you to build robust business cases based on technical evidence.
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Decision support tools.

Providing the tools you need to support your decisions.
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Stakeholder engagement.

Listening to your diverse stakeholders to ensure your solutions meet their needs.
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Helping you meet your statutory duties and comply with codes of practice and industry guidance.
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Preparing you for a changing climate.
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Operational support.

Working in partnership with you for a best team approach.
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Contractor engagement.

Enhancing the relationship between client and contractor.
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Procurement support.

Supporting you to engage the specialist help you need through intelligent specifications and contracts.
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Creating beautiful, sustainable spaces which enhance the public realm.


Straightforward asset surveys tailored to your needs.

To us, Asset Management is all about maximum value for minimal cost.

The building blocks for asset management will have different importance depending on your organisation’s drivers and challenges. Our approach ensures we recognise each client’s unique requirements and prioritise the elements that will give you the most from what you have.

As part of your tailored asset management approach, some of the services we can offer include:

  • Current Practice Audit and Roadmap
  • Data Strategy
  • Capital Maintenance Programming
  • Investment Modelling and Business Cases
  • Asset Valuation
  • Highway Hierarchy Regime Review
  • Highways Safety Inspection Regime Review
  • Highway Asset Management Strategies and Plans
  • Whole-life Costing and Commuted Sums Estimations
  • Maintenance Strategy Development

Our wider Highway Management support provides you with a full highway service.

Ensuring you can maximise funding and improve efficacy while recognising that your needs are unique. As a critical friend, we listen, adapt and improve your services through our experience and industry knowledge.

Some of the areas we can offer support in include:

  • Code of Practice Review
  • Hierarchy assessment
  • Highway safety regime
  • Highway maintenance design
  • Skid policy
  • Works programming
  • Condition surveys and management
  • Technical support

Exclusively designed by Metis, Regenerate has been created in response to our clients’ most common challenges. From Investment Modelling and Whole Life Costing, to Scheme Building and Prioritisation, Regenerate offers clear and invaluable insight that helps to guide projects and build business cases.

Regenerate is used as part of our personal service, and never instead of.

  • Scheme Builder
    A web-based tool that analyses condition data to determine a condition index for each scheme and recommend suitable treatment options based on one’s own maintenance strategy.
  • Scheme Prioritisation
    A web-based tool that enables maintenance schemes to be prioritised based on the needs of the community.
  • Investment Modeller
    A decision support tool that analyses investment and deterioration to predict condition.
  • Whole Life Costing
    A decision support tool allowing consistent comparison of maintenance strategies across all highway asset groups.

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