Fund Run Success In Hyde Park


Sunday 20th May

We met in eagerness, eyeing the starting line and trying to shake off those pre-race jitters with bouts of stretching and humorous small talk. The day was going to be a hot one, as all could tell by the lack of cloud and the quiet hum as the park started to awaken, the previous night’s dew evaporating steadily into the pale blue sky.

Thinking about those water stops and whether our sunglasses would fly off during that first starting line frenzy, we embarked at 9:15am, trainers shuffling and muscles twitching to overtake the hoard of people in our wake.

The race was a circular route, consisting of two laps around the eastern part of Hyde Park. Skimming the Serpentine, we graced the straight sandy-coloured pathway at an impressive speed. The friendly atmosphere and the fresh hit of summer air propelled us on and soon we were snaking through the centre of the park and back around to the edges, eyes focused on the historical landmark that is Speaker’s Corner.

Lapping the graceful Serpentine once more we suffered some hinderances as we dodged park strollers, joggers and groups of purposeful walkers out to claim the beauty of the park for themselves. Determined and thinking upon all those donations we have received for our chosen charities (Engineers Without Borders and Kounkuey Design Initiative) we raced through, reaching the finish line with faces triumphant and with many a personal best beaten and left scattered and defeated in the dust.


Our quickest time was 44 mins 02s and all completed the race in under 1 hour 10 mins. An amazing feat for both new and experienced runners!


So far, we have raised over £1000 for Engineers Without Borders and Kounkuey Design Initiative and their project in Kibera.  We are planning to run again this year and complete other endurance tests, including a group bike ride.

If you would like to donate please visit our fundraising page. We are grateful for all contributions towards such an incredible cause!

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