25 July, 2023

Metis Sports Day 2023: A day of Fun, team spirit, and triumph!

Exciting place to work is one of our core values at Metis, and we certainly lived up to it last week!

Our long-awaited Sports Day took place on 19th July at the Old Deer Park in Richmond. The day consisted of fun competitions such as the Egg and Spoon Race, Egg-Toss, Three-Legged Race, Sack Race, Relay Race, and Tug-of-War, followed by a football match and finally a game of volleyball.

The Metis team is not only passionate about their work but also takes sport very seriously. We were divided into teams – Highways EngineeringInfrastructure Management, Flood Risk Management and Water Engineering with some last-minute team transfers to balance the numbers. As expected, each team cheered on their own, but as the day progressed, it became clear that every team member was there to have fun, showcase their sporting skills and competitiveness, and we were all about encouraging everyone to make it to the finish line. ‘Go Team Metis!’

Here are some highlights of the games played…

  • The Egg-Toss race used real eggs, though mysteriously some rubber ones got into the mix. Someone will have some explaining to do as our Chairman and Co-founder, Luke, got a sticky surprise when he mistakenly squashed a real egg instead of a rubber one!
  • The Three-legged race was all about collaboration, with teams strategically paired. While some left legs were stronger than others, it is fair to say that we all had lots of fun and wore massive smiles at the finish line.
  • The Sack Race emphasised individual effort, where focus, stamina, and resilience showed through in each participant. Inevitably, some tripped over, resulting in scraped knees and minor bruises, but everyone got up and carried on.
  • On the football side, there were some great moves and tackling on the pitch. When it came to penalties, the goalkeepers demonstrated excellent positioning skills. Johannes comes to mind; his moves indicated that the only thing that mattered to him was the ball.
  • And then there was Volleyball. For those new to the sport, for the second year in a row, Donita, the founder of The Metis’s Volleyball Social and a Level 2 Volleyball coach, demonstrated some fundamentals of the sport.

And now what you’ve been awaiting… The results!

We witnessed the conclusion of our epic team games. The competition was fierce, and each team brought their A-game to the challenges.

Congratulations to all the teams for their incredible effort. However, Highways Engineering emerged as the ultimate champions, but every team showed their strengths and had a blast along the way.

Until next year!

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