Helping Southwark Council create a healthy street

In 2021, Southwark Council approached Metis to help them transform one of the streets in the Walworth area of Southwark, Liverpool Grove, as part of their “Our Healthy Walworth” project.

If you’d like to learn more about this civil engineering project to improve this popular area, keep reading as we discuss how we helped Southwark Council enhance their local community.

The challenge

Residents of the Walworth area had raised concerns about a specific street in the town called “Liverpool Grove.” Liverpool Grove presented issues with anti-social behaviour and a less-than-desirable aesthetic.

The street’s shady areas, lack of greenery, and build-up of cars parked along the sides created a lack of visibility throughout the street, deterring residents from walking through it – especially at night.

As part of Southwark Council’s “Our Healthy Walworth” project, they tasked Metis with designing a civil engineering scheme that would accomplish their five key objectives:

#1 Create a more attractive area to enjoy
#2 Create a greener, safer, and quieter street
#3 Make the street better for walking and cycling
#4 Enhance the views of St. Peter’s Church
#5 Promote local businesses in the area

The solution

Q3 2021 to Q1 2022

Metis outlined the design by conducting ground investigations and leading feedback consultations with residents, businesses, stakeholders, and Historic England before creating a General Arrangement plan.

Q1 2022 to Q3 2022

During the next phase, Metis produced a detailed design which included a complete construction package. We used the ground investigation information to inform the design and minimise excavation.

Q4 2022 – Q1 2023

Metis acted as Principal Designer during construction, which was completed by FM Conway on Liverpool Grove, using the existing asphalt carriageway as the base for the new paving design to improve sustainability and minimise disruption by reducing the level of excavation needed.

The results

With the pedestrianisation of Liverpool Grove, improved lighting, and brand-new paving (chosen to compliment the aesthetic of St. Peter’s Church,) we have made this street an attractive place to enjoy.

We planted trees and greenery, added benches and bike racks, and opened pathways to make the area more appealing and encourage more sustainable forms of travel for the local community.

Now, Liverpool Grove is a lovely area where residents can hang out, sit on the benches while admiring the view of the church. Unlike before, there are no areas to hide anti-social behaviour, and residents can feel safe travelling through it.

Local residents and businesses are already benefiting from the scheme, as the area was used for Choir singers throughout the Christmas period and has been marked for more community events and even al fresco dining in the future.

Thanks to this scheme, Southwark Council has achieved the five goals set out in their “Our Healthy Walworth” project, and we can’t wait to see how the improvements of this scheme continue to enhance the local area.

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