Infrastructure Management

We enable clients to make sustainable infrastructure decisions with our asset expertise and data analysis, ensuring long-term resilience and carbon efficiency.

Our Services

As asset management and data analysis experts, we manage engineering projects from inception to completion and support our clients in maintaining their infrastructure assets throughout their life cycles.

We also provide environmental expertise, helping our clients understand the carbon impact of their maintenance and management decisions as well as to develop strategies that support achieving net zero targets.

Over the last decade, we’ve helped countless clients take a long-term view of the management of their infrastructure, ensuring they make sufficient investment at the right time.

Our Infrastructure Management Services comprise strategic, tactical, and operational asset management activities, including risk identification and mitigation; forward investment and lifecycle planning; carbon and sustainability planning; works programming and maintenance optimisation; technical specifications and contract support; project, programme, and contract management and asset management documentation.

Case Studies

Metis helps East Sussex Council to secure £15M funding

Sussex’s carriageways play a key role in enabling the efficient movement of people and freight through the county and directly contribute to East Sussex County Council’s (ESCC) economic, social, and environmental development and growth strategy plan.

Investment Modelling

With their highway maintenance budget coming under pressure, South Gloucestershire appointed Metis to utilise investment modelling techniques to build a business case to defend the budget.

meeting room

South London Highway Asset Management Consortium – Quarterly Workshops

Metis has been supporting the Consortium since 2010, structured around quarterly workshops with work activities carried out with individual boroughs or independently between workshops.

Hierarchy Review & Redefinition

Metis have been involved in updating network hierarchies for various authorities, aligning these with a risk-based approach as required under the Code of Practice (2016).

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