4 October, 2021

Best Practice in Equality Impact Assessment

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Tuesday 5th October 2021 18:00 to 20:00

Speakers are:

Lucy Marstrand – Technical Lead, Metis

Katie Pennick – Campaigns Lead, Transport for All

Aya Collins – Head of Service for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, Islington Council

Chaired by Mark Frost – TPS Chair.

An Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) should be done when a new policy or practice is identified, or when an existing one is reviewed. That could be anything from a written Road Safety Strategy to trialling a series of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

One of the difficulties is working out where inequalities begin and end; transport schemes can have far reaching – and unfair – effects on health, access and opportunities with different impacts on different groups.

The event will look to explore:

  • Why we need to do EqIAs
  • How to ensure they are genuinely meaningful
  • Techniques for balancing differing impacts across groups with varying protected characteristics
  • How to ensure assessments are robust, particularly given the legal status they carry
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