8 March, 2024

Celebrating Women Leaders at Metis

At Metis, we understand that equality is not solely a women’s issue, but a business issue. Gender equality is crucial for economies, organisations, and communities to thrive. This year’s International Women’s Day 2024 theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” reflects the essential role of inclusion in achieving gender equality, particularly in leadership roles. This aligns with our commitment to diversity and gender equality in the workplace, where three out of five senior leadership roles are held by women. To celebrate, we have asked our female leaders: What significance does International Women’s Day hold for you?

Cath Jones – Finance Director and Company Secretary: “I first became aware of International Women’s Day about 20 years ago.  I worked on the audit team for a client in Kyiv, always at around this time of year, and the men in the office would bring in chocolates and flowers for the women.  At that time, it wasn’t well known in the UK, so it took us a little bit by surprise, but it’s great to see that it’s now being celebrated more widely here!  At Metis, we have always believed in the benefits of a diverse team.  We’re extremely proud of the significant proportion of women in our workforce, and that goes for the senior leadership team too.  On a personal level, I’m glad to show my two daughters that women can succeed in leadership roles.”

Dani Parfitt – Operations Director: “Before joining Metis, I worked in a very male dominated environment, with very few female leaders. I didn’t have a role model and it was difficult to see a pathway for my own development. International Women’s Day is a stark reminder that this is still the case in many organisations, especially in engineering, and I’m proud of working for Metis where this isn’t the case. I hope that junior engineers joining Metis see the women we have in leadership positions and know that there are ample opportunities for them too.”

Ainhoa Gomez Larrea – Technical Associate Director: “For me, International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women throughout history, and it also serves as a reminder of the daily challenges women still face worldwide. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside incredible women who inspire me every day. As a female leader, I aim to create an environment where team members can develop and thrive. I offer mentorship and support to help them gain the professional recognition they deserve. I hope to continue this journey of empowerment, hoping to inspire others to contribute to a more diverse and equitable society.”

Thank you to all the amazing women who represent Metis. We hope you have a great International Women’s Day!

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