29 November, 2022

Engineering apprenticeships at Metis: Anmol’s experience

Engineering apprenticeship Metis

Have you been considering entering an apprenticeship after college? At Metis, we offer one of the most comprehensive engineering apprenticeships in the UK.

Our five-year apprenticeship allows students to attend university part-time while earning a living and gaining practical experience at Metis in their desired field.

With three engineering apprentices currently on our team, we decided to document their apprenticeship journey to help you understand whether it’s the right career path for you.

We recently caught up with our newest apprentice, Anmol, who has only been with us for a few weeks, to see how he is getting on so far. Here is what he had to say!

What brought you to this apprenticeship?

I recently completed my A levels in Business, Maths, and Physics and pretty much always knew I wanted to go into engineering after college. When I saw the apprenticeship opportunity at Metis, I knew it was the one for me, and here I am!

What team are you on here at Metis?

Metis is split into various teams to cover a range of civil and environmental engineering specialities. During my apprenticeship, I’m working on the Highway Engineering team, which is very exciting!

While supporting the Metis team and getting involved in various projects, I’ll also be studying to eventually achieve my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at London South Bank University.

How have you found your apprenticeship experience so far?

Really good! I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve been working on so far and am already learning much about the civil and environmental engineering industry.

Everyone here has been really supportive and helpful. The team is always on-hand to answer any questions I have or give me extra support where I need it to ensure I fully understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

I’ve found the diverse nature of the company great, too and have found it easy to blend in with everyone else. There’s a great community atmosphere here where everyone is friendly with each other!

What have you been learning in your first few weeks?

So initially, I spent a lot of my time getting to know how the company works, the people on my team, and the kinds of projects that often come in.

There are a lot of processes involved in every civil and environmental engineering project, so I’ve been getting my head around those these last few weeks.

I’ve also spent a lot of time making layouts and treatment plans using our project management software to keep everything nice and organised and creating reports and modelling to help us assess our designs.

It’s been fascinating exploring all the different areas of civil and environmental engineering, as they’re all so varied and come with their own set of standards and practices.

Interested in open engineering roles at Metis?

Keep an eye on our graduate opportunities page to apply for one of our future engineering apprenticeship, internship, and graduate roles.

Our team here at Metis can’t wait to connect with the engineers of tomorrow, ready to help us pave the way for a more sustainable future. Could that be you? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

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