25 November, 2022

Engineering apprenticeships at Metis: Matthew’s experience

Engineering apprenticeship

Metis offers industry-leading apprenticeship opportunities for future engineers to develop their talents, gain essential civil and engineering experience, and get a university education at the same time!

Unlike the traditional engineering route, an engineering apprenticeship allows college graduates to earn money, gain real-world work experience, and complete a degree in just five years.

At Metis, we boast one of the best civil and environmental engineering apprenticeships in the UK and have three apprentices currently on our team!

To help future engineers decide if this path is right for them, we thought we’d ask one of our apprentices, Matthew, what he thinks about his apprenticeship journey so far here at Metis. Read what he had to say below!

What brought you to the apprenticeship at Metis?

I had just finished my A Levels in Maths, Physics, and Further Maths and was ready to take the next step. Having gained work experience in year 10 with my cousin, who is in the town planning sector, I knew civil engineering was the field I wanted to pursue.

I also thought the benefits of apprenticeships far outweighed the quicker pace of finishing a university degree, so I searched on Find Apprenticeships, saw the opportunity here at Metis and just went for it!

When did you join the Metis team?

I’ve been an engineering apprentice here at Metis for just a couple of weeks, but I’ve learned so much even in that short time and already know I made the right choice!

What have you liked most about your apprenticeship so far?

Just how friendly and welcoming the team here at Metis has been. They’re just so supportive and really go above and beyond to educate me. I also love that they give me the extra space to learn at my own pace and fully understand something without putting pressure on me to meet specific deadlines.

What sort of projects are you involved with at Metis?

Since I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, I’m definitely still learning the ropes, so I haven’t been involved in a ton of projects just yet. As a part of the Water Engineering team, I’ve been mostly helping them with flood reduction and rain catchment design projects.

Can you share some things you’ve learned so far?

I’ve been getting to grips with different software we use, like AutoCAD and QGIS, which has been really interesting so far. I definitely wouldn’t have had the chance to gain the practical experience needed to master these programs in traditional education.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship to others?

Yes definitely! There’s a good balance between working, getting paid, and learning on the job, all while still getting to experience university life.

You also get the chance to work on a team full-time and network with others, something many engineers can only start doing once they graduate.

The engineering apprenticeship route is only 1-2 years longer than full-time uni, but it still allows you to earn a solid living and gain excellent experience while you do it!

Interested in open engineering roles at Metis?

Keep an eye on our graduate opportunities page to apply for one of our future engineering apprenticeship, internship, and graduate roles.

Our team here at Metis can’t wait to connect with the engineers of tomorrow, ready to help us pave the way for a more sustainable future. Could that be you? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

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