21 June, 2022

Halliwick Recreation Ground SuDS Scheme – Initial consultation

Metis were proud to support Barnet Council with initial consultation for the Halliwick Recreation Ground SuDS Scheme at the Friends of Halliwick Rec. Family fun afternoon on Sunday, 19 June. Besides the great weather, we were able to enjoy plenty of food, music, and dance classes alongside the several hundred local residents who were in attendance.

The scheme, the first sustainable urban drainage scheme in the borough, aims to divert runoff from nearby roads and the recreation ground to reduce the extent of downstream property and road junction flooding from surface water. It will also provide wider benefits of improved park amenity, biodiversity and will be integrated with park regeneration works proposed by the Friends of Halliwick Rec.

Thanks to the excellent visualisations displaying the wetland and demonstrating various options for water levels and park features, we were really pleased that the SuDS scheme received positive feedback from the community. The consultation period for this fantastic project runs until the end of July through the Barnet Council website with construction planned for early 2023.

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