21 March, 2023

Helping London Boroughs get £225K funding to manage flood risk

Helping London Boroughs get £225K funding to manage flood risk


An integral part of what we do here at Metis is helping our clients secure funding for their environmental and civil engineering projects.

By supplying them with comprehensive feasibility studies, detailed design packages, and flood risk modelling reports, we’re able to prove the viability of a project, get it approved, and increase potential to undertake such work in the future.

Recently, Metis has been working with four London Boroughs to secure funding to complete this work in the future from the Environment Agency to manage surface water flood risks. Learn more about this project below.

The bidding process

Metis played a key role in the bidding process for four London Boroughs, all seeking funding for their flood risk management projects by developing comprehensive evidence cases for specific areas.

The result? We have helped all four London Boroughs secure over £225k of funding, with an impressive 100% success rate from all four bids!

We have had previous success with securing funding for similar bids in 2019 and 2020, where we secured the majority of the national funding available just for our partners, and we look forward to many more achievements like this in the future.

What the funding is for

The funding will support Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) in understanding and managing surface water flood risks.

The LLFAs will be able to undertake improved modelling of four areas at higher risk of surface water flooding, generating more accurate mapping for use by Council staff and local residents.

This will increase knowledge of where the risks may be greatest and could potentially lead to the delivery of schemes to reduce risks. These areas have pockets of deprivation and have suffered from flooding in recent years, making the funding all the more important.

Securing funding is vital for LLFAs to progress further flood risk projects much sooner.

What happens next

We will progress with the flood risk modelling work in partnership with the four boroughs, who have asked for our support following the successful bids.

This demonstrates the trust and confidence the Councils have in our ability to deliver high-quality flood risk management projects.

Want to learn more about our completed projects here at Metis? Check out our case studies here.

Need help getting funding for your environmental project?

The funding we helped to secure for the London Boroughs is a significant achievement, allowing these areas to better understand and mitigate flood risks.

Our success in getting funding for these bids is a testament to our expertise in flood risk management. Our partnership with the four Councils is an excellent example of how successful collaborations can deliver vital environmental projects and benefits for local communities.

If you need support with bidding for current or future flood risk funding, we can help you confidently bid and push vital projects forward. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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