3 July, 2019

Meet Our Summer Interns

As our company continues to expand, we also continue accepting interns. Louise and Regina are the latest interns to join Metis and they are already proving to be great assets to the team! We asked them a few “get-to- know- you” questions. See what they had to say…

What is your story:

Louise: I’m a second-year student studying Civil Engineering (MEng) at Imperial College. I was born in France but raised in London from a very young age. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, making prints, going to exhibitions and cycling around London.

Regina:  I grew up in Indonesia, but I have lived in 3 different countries so far – Indonesia, Singapore, and now the UK. I really like reading in my spare time more than spending it on social media, and I’m a fan of Michelle Obama. My favourite sport is Ultimate Frisbee, but my true passion has always been classical music. I like Russian composers in the romantic era more than anything else (Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky)


What most excited you about interning at Metis:

Louise: I am looking forward to applying what I’ve been learning over the past 2 years and to learn how to be a proficient user of modelling software.I am pleased to be working alongside both the Flood Risk and the Highway Infrastructure teams, as I’m sure I will be exposed to an interesting variety of projects.

Regina: To work in Richmond! I absolutely love this place, Richmond has the nice vibe, I like exploring nature and Richmond Park is one of my favourite parks in London. Can’t wait to spend more time exploring it on my bike soon! On the serious note, I’m super keen about anything related to flooding because my hometown, Jakarta has been facing a real problem of sinking water in the last decade or so. I’ve experienced some extreme flooding events when I was young, and I have always wanted to help alleviate it. That’s why I study civil engineering in the first place. I hope one day I can help my hometown to be free from flooding – for good!


What skills have you learnt at university that you can bring to the table?

Louise: I would say team working skills, like receiving and giving constructive feedback. (Also, I would like to believe that creativity is another skill we’ve developed but it might sound a little pretentious…)

Regina: Maybe not technical skills specifically because I’m learning everything from scratch (QGIS). But I’d like to think that I’m a good listener, and having surrounded myself with people from many walks of life I think I’m pretty good at asking difficult / direct questions that people normally avoid. Maybe if I were to give a more standard answer it would be my work ethic. I think I’m good at juggling many things at the same time and still complete everything in a timely manner. I like being productive!


Are you a tea or coffee person?

Louise: 99% a tea person and 1% a coffee person for when there is no tea left.

Regina: Definitely coffee. It helps me to focus when I’m sleep deprived. (Hopefully we won’t be working you that hard for this to be a problem!)


Welcome on board ladies!

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