15 November, 2019

Metis on a mission to inspire tomorrow’s engineers

In support of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, Metis has been working with schools to help teach about SuDS and engineering. Our first session was with the teachers of Torriano School in Camden. Luke and Dani worked with staff to help identify ways in which flood risk management and highway infrastructure management links to the curriculum, and ways in which pupils could engage with engineering using real life problems and solutions. Using a simple practical exercise which allows pupils to see how different materials slow and cleanse water, we were able to spark lots of conversations and thought on future sessions.

Simon then took the same practical and delivered a session to pupils at Peppard Church of England Primary School in Henley on Thames. The pupils have been learning about the 4-stages of the water cycle and Simon was able to help them understand how different environments affect the speed of runoff and demonstrate how these environments impact the way in which polluted water moves through a catchment. The pupils built SuDS models to see how engineering can help solve flood risk and water quality problems.

Check out their views on the day here: http://www.peppardprimary.co.uk/blog/visitor-in-highmoor-class/40454

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