1 February, 2024

Redbridge Council Adopts Metis Flood Alleviation Strategy & Surface Water Management Plan


Metis is pleased to announce that the Redbridge Council Cabinet has formally adopted the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (LFRMS) and Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP), which the Metis Flood Risk Management Team produced on behalf of the Council. These strategic documents fulfil a vital statutory need for strong evidence-based guidance for flood alleviation within the London Borough of Redbridge.

The LFRMS and SWMP evaluate areas at the highest risk of flooding within London Borough of Redbridge. The LFRMS summarises actions taken to date and outlines the Council’s plans to address the issues of climate change and flood risk. The SWMP assesses borough-wide flood risk and generates a prioritised list of areas requiring mitigating interventions. These interventions are likely to take the form of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), enhancing the climate change resilience of the Redbridge Borough.

The Metis Flood Risk Management Team conducted technical reviews of multiple strategies and technical documents to identify the right priorities for Redbridge Council, in its role as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA). This process included facilitating stakeholder workshops to enhance coordination between Risk Management Authorities in leading flood risk mitigation efforts.  Six strategic objectives were prepared for the LFRMS which consider climate change and will bring benefits to communities by enhancing their resilience.

Through close collaboration with the LLFA in Redbridge Council, Metis has developed a comprehensive set of actions that align with Council priorities and will be implemented over the lifetime of the LFRMS.

To gain deeper insights into the Redbridge LFRMS, click here.
For a detailed look at the Redbridge SWMP, click here. And for a view of the SWMP’s borough-wide mapping, click here.

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