2 June, 2023

Social value at Metis: Volunteering for The Thames21 Plasticblitz 2023


At Metis, sustainability is the driving principle behind everything we do, from the projects we undertake to our contributions to the communities in which we operate. 

We seize every opportunity to put this principle into practice and actively seek engagement in social value projects that help us fulfil our commitment to reducing carbon emissions, protecting the environment, and our planet. 

Each year, Metis allocates a full day to every team member, allowing them to take time off work to give back to their community through social value projects. 

As always, our Social Value Team has been busy organising a group from Metis to participate in Volunteers Week 2023, which takes place between 1st and 7th June every year. 

A Cause Close to Our Hearts

This marks the second year we have sent a group of volunteers and the third year of The Thames21’s Plasticblitz. This initiative is an annual litter pick and data collection activity held in the River Thames from Saturday 27th May to Sunday 11th June. The Metis team collected 15 large black bags of rubbish, yet there was still a significant amount of waste left behind. 

Today and next week, we are sending teams of volunteers to the London Borough of Barnet (on 2nd June) and the London Borough of Southwark (on 9th June) to support this remarkable initiative and help clean and restore rivers across the UK to their original beauty and ecosystem. 

If you want to read what the team got up to last year, click here.

This year, the Plasticblitz is going nationwide for the first time!

“Previously, Thames21 worked with Environment Agency teams, community groups, and river action groups to remove plastic waste solely from the River Thames and its tributaries. Now, all rivers across the UK will be included in the initiative.” 

If you’re looking for a sustainability-focused civil and environmental engineering consultancy to partner with you on your next social value or engineering project, please get in touch with us today.

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