26 May, 2023

Metis day out – we’re going on a Treasure Hunt…


At Metis, we believe in providing our team with an exciting place to work and thrive in a fun environment. Hard work and enjoyment go hand in hand, and yesterday, we experienced just that! Metis’s Day Out took us on an adventure through the streets of Richmond, lush gardens, and along the rippling riverside. Our mission: unravel “A real-life drama unfolding at Richmond Theatre.”

The Task: They’ve called “cut” on the next scene…

“… A prankster amongst the crew has altered the scripts and tampered with the props, throwing the whole production into turmoil! Chief is a big theatre fan and is adamant that the show must go on, so he’s sending you – a top detective – to figure out ‘whodunnit’…”

The team put their Deerstalker Houndstooth ‘hat on’ and set off to solve the sneaky clues and save the play.

As they progressed, they gathered the evidence and uncovered twisting tales as they tracked down the crafty criminal. But rest assured, it wasn’t all about detective work. Along the way, some of the team sneakily treated themselves to some ice-creams (who could blame them?), while others ran as fast as they could to solve the next clue (spoiler alert the team that did this, won!) and some took the task on their own stride…

Upon completing the treasure trial, the team gathered around Richmond Green, where the sun was still shining and the party began (“drinks anyone” was a recurring phrase we heard during the one hour or so wait for the other teams to arrive).

The day ended at the Franco Manca Pizzeria (or now known as “Franco Manco” thanks to our dear teammate and organiser of this event, Matt Brown). The party continued as the team indulged in some delicious pizza (thank goodness for doggy bags, as our team were able to not waste any food) and where the winners were announced.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winning team; Danielle Parfitt (Operations Director), Michael Mair (Flood Risk Management), Farman Makin (Infrastructure Management), Ella Walsh ((Flood Risk Management), Joshua Le Boutillier (Highway Engineering) and Oliver King (Highway Engineering), for applying your Sherlock Holmes’s solving problem skills to save the play!

And finally, thank you Matt Brown (Water Engineering) for organising such a fun day and for your energy.  Until next time folks… Sports Day calling… we can’t wait!

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