Carden Primary SuDS in Schools – Detailed Design

The Carden Primary SuDS in Schools project is delivered through The Aquifer Partnership (TAP) to showcase and promote the Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). As part of the scheme, Metis designed a number of SuDS features to reduce the risk of flooding in the area as well as to provide treatment to the inflow and improve the water quality. Additionally, a number of benefits are provided to the school including:

Involvement of pupils in designing and implementing changes within their school

  • Improved playground spaces with new and interesting features
  • Increased opportunities for cross-curricular outdoor education
  • Improvement of the area for wildlife
  • Education of the students and the wider community about water issues

Metis conducted a site visit to understand existing drainage infrastructure, and the constraints and opportunities of retrofitting SuDS features at the school. We reviewed survey data and the work done during the previous phase of the project, to determine whether the SuDS features could provide the expected benefits. Infiltration testing was carried out to assess the potential for infiltration, that maximised the overall benefit of the  features. We actively sought opportunities to realise efficiencies throughout the project. From material recycling to reduction of excavation and disposal, our designs were carried out with full awareness of our client’s budgets and the wider environment.

The final design, post the assessment of the feedback provided by the school, includes a series of swales, a wetland, an infiltration basin and a bund, formed by excavated material on site.

Our good communication with the client led to the submission of high-quality deliverables, within tight deadlines and in line with client’s expectations. Metis will continue to work with the TAP assisting the client during the procurement process and then providing support during construction phase.

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