Sustainable Drainage Solution for Carden Primary School

Our Sustainable Drainage Solution for Carden Primary School

The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA), government funded public body, and The Aquifer Partnership (TAP) identified the opportunity of providing sustainable drainage solutions within potential flooding areas within the South Downs.

Carden Primary School, a Brighton school within the flow path of an area with a high risk of flooding, was proposed to address the impact of flooding through features in their playground to divert the flows which could also serve as additional learning amenity for the children and teachers within the local community.

We were thrilled to be selected to deliver the design for the Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) project at Carden Primary School.

The challenge

The SDNPA and TAP wanted Metis to create high-quality SuDS features that could be replicated throughout the region while minimising our carbon footprint as much as possible.

For this project, we had to consider constraints on land use, such as the needs and requirements of the school, while adhering to industry standards and design guides.

Key goals for this project included:

  • Improving water quality
  • Reducing flood risk
  • Educating pupils on water issues
  • Improving areas for wildlife
  • Offering outdoor education areas
  • Improving playground areas.

The solution

We proposed a three-step approach to deliver the project, starting with concept design and engagement, followed by detailed design and the creation of a comprehensive design report, and ending with construction management to ensure good quality delivery.

#1 Concept Design & Engagement: We facilitated discussions with all stakeholders to agree project objectives, establish lines of communication, and propose a concept design.

#2 Detailed Design: We then conducted a feasibility study, and risk analysis, which included an on-site visit to the school, followed by detailed design, enabling key stakeholders to provide input into the design and maximise value. We created a comprehensive design package that considered the whole lifecycle of the scheme, reducing elements that could create risk or operational issues during the construction and future maintenance.

#3 Construction Management: We had a pre-commencement meeting on site with TAP, Carden Primary School representatives including the headteacher and the appointed contractor, CJ Thorne. We closely followed delivery according to the issued programme, coming on site at 50% and full completion.

The results

From providing a comprehensive design package to managing construction, Metis provided a complete, end-to-end solution that provided the best value to our client.

We provided construction administration and contract management services to oversee the construction team’s work, review and approve payment applications, and ensure the design was adhered to.

The construction team excavated the ground and repurposed it to create a pond and infiltration area, allowing rainwater to travel overground through a swale into the new water feature instead of the traditional diversion to and increase in capacity of the drainage system.

This solution was not only sustainable, but also provided a nice area for the children to enjoy, encouraged biodiversity and wildlife, and offered an opportunity for outdoor education.

Our experience and expertise in SuDS design here at Metis proved vital in achieving the project’s objectives while maximising value for money, project efficiency, and overall success.

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