“For as long as I can remember, interests of mine have always been solely linked to either the creative or logical side of the brain with my two majors in school being Art and Mathematics. ”

What triggered your interest in engineering / environmental consultancy?

For as long as I can remember, interests of mine have always been solely linked to either the creative or logical side of the brain with my two majors in school being Art and Mathematics. Engineering has always given me that opportunity to merge the two together, pulling strengths from both and in so doing, giving me the ability to become a more confident and assertive engineer.

What made you want to join Metis?

I was always brought up with the strong belief that you chose a professional career in something you are passionate about and with a company that can feed that passion throughout your working profession. Speaking for myself, Metis have not only succeeded in doing this but have further embodied the ethics and morals that I hold for myself.

What type of work have you been involved in since joining Metis?

I joined Metis a little over 9 months ago and have been given the opportunity to learn and attain expertise from multiple projects, addressing a variation of aspects from biodiversity reports to flood alleviation schemes. Becoming part of a smaller (but growing) company certainly opens up opportunities for variation as well as the potential to grow with the company – if you allow it.

What do you enjoy about the work environment at Metis and how does it differ from previous experiences?

The work environment at Metis is certainly unique and different to anything else I have previously experienced. A core value, for which Metis takes great pride in, is the presence of an exciting workplace. Employees work hard to ensure the work environment is one of support, encouragement, and collaboration.

What has been your most rewarding project to work on so far?

I am currently working on a project that is addressing the current flooding across the River Crane Catchment – this is a fairly large scope as it covers 5 London Boroughs. This is the first project that I was able to jump in from the very start and get stuck in with. My project leader has been paramount in building my confidence and teaching me the necessary steps in moving through all project stages. It does not only come down to the work you do, but who you do it with – this will make such an important difference.

What are your ambitions for professional development?

I am currently working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer. I would like to strive towards becoming the best version of myself when it comes to my career. With engineering, there will always be room for growth and there will always be new opportunities to learn and better oneself. I hope that I am able to fuel this passion of mine for many years to come and achieve positive outcomes through my work.

What do you like doing outside of work?

I have become a tad plant obsessed and have even been able to bring that obsession into the workplace seeing as though I am in charge of taking care of the office plants. I also enjoy my running, again am able to bring that into the office with work runs on Wednesday afternoons with other interested colleagues. I have recently moved over from South Africa, where my roots are buried deep in socializing, barbecues and of course a suitable glass of wine(s).

What message would you pass on to students thinking about pursuing a career in engineering / environmental consultancy?

Go for it, you wont regret it. If this is something you think you might be interested in, then do your research, speak to others (reach out to me) and work hard to attain it. You will most certainly be able to pursue a career in engineering if you have a passion for it and you put the work in. What you put in, you will get out.

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