Performance Management Framework

Performance Management Framework


The Performance Management Framework (PMF) is an integral element of good asset management practice and a critical path element of Swindon’s Incentive Fund action plan. Metis was engaged to assist Swindon in developing a PMF to enable an Incentive Fund band level 2 be attained.


  • Work with Council officers to establish where the PMF sits within the asset management framework to better understand the dependencies it has and the gaps it needs to bridge.
  • Review existing documentation (Council vision, highway policy and strategy, etc) to provide a golden thread from the Council’s vision all the way through the activities on the ground.
  • Work with Council officers to establish levels of service and performance measures that matter to the Council and the residents.


Through this project, Swindon Borough Council has:

  • Progressed further with its Incentive Fund action plan, which enabled an Incentive Fund band level 2 be achieved.
  • Developed a concise suite of 15 performance measures against 5 levels of service, linking the Council’s vision to the activities on the ground.
  • Set the foundations for establishing performance targets to inform business decisions and action plans to support continuous improvement.

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Luke Meechan
T: 020 8948 0249
Tim Price
Head of Transport Delivery & Landscape Services


  • Client Swindon Borough Council
  • Date 19th February 2017
  • Tags Compliance, Decision Support Tools, Highway Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Advice, Strategic Asset Management

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