Works Programme Strategy

Works Programme Strategy


As the Council was going through a restructure and the highways team was being reduced significantly, North Yorkshire required a different approach to developing their works programme to optimise resources and adopt asset management principles.


  • Review current works programme development approach and work with highway officers to understand what is working and what needs to change.
  • Understand what carriageway and footway condition data is in hand and how this may be used to develop a works programme.
  • Develop short and long-term solutions, to meet immediate works programme delivery timescales and those for subsequent years.
  • Document the works programme development strategy to be included in their Highway Asset Management Strategy.


Through this project, North Yorkshire Council has:

  • Implemented a short-term works programme delivery solution, enabling it to meet its tight delivery timescales.
  • Established a long-term works programme strategy for the collection and analysis of carriageway and footway data for future works programmes.
  • Developed a methodology for selecting the schemes that fit the needs of the borough both in terms of engineering and social/economic need.

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Luke Meechan
T: 020 8948 0249
Allan McVeigh
Head of Network Strategy


  • Client North Yorkshire
  • Date 19th February 2017
  • Tags Bid & Funding Support, Decision Support Tools, Highway Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Asset Management

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